Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Time

It is finally Spring and I thought I would add some pictures of some pretty trees outside our apartment.

Monday, March 02, 2009


Here I was thinking that it was getting warmer. I pull out my strappy shoes and summer shirts and then it snows! I hadn't even been watching the weather and had no idea it was even suppose to snow. Guess that is what I get haha. So, even though I was not at all prepared for it, I might as well enjoy it. I took these this morning as the sun was rising (My favorite time of the day when it snows).

Right outside our porch

Half an Inch! That's what I'm calling it haha.

The Austin's Day of Fun!

On Saturday February 28 my college roommate, Jennifer, and her hubbie, Brian, came down to visit Zak and me. We sat around all day talking and laughing. Then we went out and ate supper and afterwards we got some ice cream. Later, Jennifer and I had a round at the Friends Scene It game before they headed back up the mountain. Here are a couple of pictures from the day...

Mr. and Mrs. Austin

Mama's 55th Birthday!

On February 26, Mama had a birthday. We celebrated by going out to Fatz Cafe for supper and then back home for cupcakes and ice cream.

Here she is getting ready to help change a light bulb ;)

Her presents

She got a decorative breakfast tray

A laminator

and wall art just for Grandparents!

Hope you had a great day Mama
Happy Birthday!!