Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Meet Maggie

Zak and I have wanted a puppy for years but being up at school, it just wasn't possible. So two weeks ago we finally got our puppy. Her name is Maggie. She is a terrier/feist mix, about five months old, and the cutest little dog ever! She never meets a stranger and loves to play all day!

We really worried about how our new addition would affect our cat Drew. At first Drew was not so happy and he stayed away most of the time. Slowly, he crawled out from under the bed and has rejoined us. Even though Drew and Maggie chase, bark, hiss, and claw at each other, we believe they are becoming friends.

Our Honeymoon

We went to Hilton Head, SC for our honeymoon. We left the day after our wedding and stayed a week. We had the best time and we were really able to relax. Here are some pictures from our first vacation as a married couple....

Our Wedding Day

On July 26, 2008, Zak and I were finally married! It was an emotional, exciting day for us and it couldn't have gone any better than it did. My bridesmaids and I went and had our hair done in the morning while Zak played pool at his parent's house. After getting to the church we both stayed in our secret rooms and waited anxiously...we both were very nervous. Once our wedding ceremony began, all nerves vanished and it was a great day. Everything turned out as planned, everyone showed up, and only I forgot the vows haha. The day quickly ended but it was the best day of our lives...thus far.

My bridesmaids after getting our hair done

Jennifer and Emily

April and Beth

the cutest flower girl, Maddie

The kiss that sealed the deal

Our cake and cake cutting

Our escape!

Rehearsal Dinner

After our rehearsal we all met up at the Artist Cafe in Newton, NC for dinner. It was so much fun to get both sides of our families together and finally meet! Most of our families had to travel several hours to get there and so it was so nice of them to go out of their way to support Zak and I.

The rest of the evening included some really thoughtful toast from both of our Dads....

A Prayer Shawl made by Zak's mom....

A surprise groom's cake for Zak....

and fellowship with family and friends...

Thanks to both of our parents for always being there and supporting us our whole lives!!

Bridesmaids Luncheon

The day before our wedding, Emily and Aunt Mary threw a bridesmaids luncheon for me so we could all join together to celebrate and get to know one another better. We met and had lunch at the Trott House in Newton, NC. It was beautiful! I had never been there before and was so impressed by it. I can't wait to have a reason to go back. The food was delicious and so was dessert! Overall, it was a wonderful, girly afternoon and I will remember it always.

Here are some pictures from it:

*Thanks Emily and Aunt Mary!!!*

Our Bridal Shower

*Zak and me at the shower...He had the best time lol*

*The night before, my girls came to support me*

*Here they are at the shower*

Graduations 2008

Zak's Graduation
*He graduated with a masters degree in engineering technology*

My Graduation
*I graduated with a bachelors in Interior Design*

I'll miss my roomie!!