Sunday, December 21, 2008

Savannah, GA

A couple of weeks ago Zak and I went to Savannah, GA. Zak had a training class he had to take for his job so I went with him. He got out of his class at 5pm so we had a few hours a day to see the sights but luckily on Friday, before we left, we got to see some things in the daylight. Here are some of our favorite pictures that we took through the week...

The Mercer House...Spooky!

A cool church

A hotel on the water

Zak in a stairwell of Fort Pulaski

Super Strong!

Even Stronger!

The Tybee Island Lighthouse

A view down from the top of the lighthouse

Me being terrified on the lighthouse!

The coast guard doing training cool!

A huge cargo ship

A ship from the 1800's...We even took a tour!

The biggest church ever!

We had a fun week and ate a lot of good food. We definitely want to go back for a real vacation!

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