Sunday, April 18, 2010

Linville and Grandfather Mtn.

On Saturday April 17, I had a day off!! Woo Hoo!! We decided to take a day trip and started planning two weeks ago when I got my schedule. It was so nice to have a day off together and on the prettiest day ever! We left at 9 am and headed up to Linville Caverns. We took a tour of the caves, which was so cool. It was dark and wet and the guide showed us so many neat things about the cave. One thing that stood out was she had us squeeze into a narrow passageway and stand on a grate. She shined her light down and right below us was water and underneath the water was a narrow path going straight down. She said they never have found the bottom. It was kinda creepy to be standing on a grate above that but so neat once we were off. At one point she turned off all the lights and let us see what it would be like in total darkness! After we left, we headed up to Linville Falls and hiked up to the three lookout spots. It was so pretty and cool but so windy!

We ate at a local diner and then went up to THE Mast General Store. We stocked up on candy to last a lifetime. Our last stop, we headed to Grandfather Mtn. where we got to see bears, a bald eagle, and some otters.

We walked the swinging bridge last, which was so windy I was afraid I was going to be blown away!...but I didn't. It definitely left my legs weak though. It was a perfect day with perfect weather and I can't wait to go again!

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