Thursday, September 16, 2010

Double Date

Another beautiful day at the beach. Yesterday was a day for relaxing and we all laid around all day. It started at the ocean and later we worked our way back up to the pool. I seemed to have come down with a cold (Yeah, I know. Who gets colds at the beach?). So today was perfect for me. No one had any plans and we just soaked up the sun.

Here is baby Levi catching some rays.

As the day went on, Zak started thinking about a restaurant called The Sanitary Fish Market that we had been to the last time we were here. He really wanted to go and so we decided we would go there for supper. We invited everyone to go and Emily and Ian decided to go too. It turned into a double date.

The best part of the restuarant is the location. It sits right on the water and after we ate we walked around and looked at the sunset and the big boats.

These were a bunch of clams that I thought looked cool but it certainly didn't smell cool.

One of the big sail boats. They were all really nice.

Afterwards, we went and played putt-putt. No one else wanted to go because it was getting late, they said (It was close to 8:30). So Zak and I, and Emily and Ian went together.

It was a very big and nice putt-putt course and we had to ride a train to get to the starting point. Here Zak and I are on the train.

Inside one of the many caves Zak makes the shot (I feel like a commentator)

There's me!

Emily seemed to almost make a hole in one everytime but never succeeded.

After the game we waited eagerly as Zak tallied up the score (Ian was making fun of us)

If you can see the score The Zak Attack won with 44, Ian came in second with a close 48, Schnookums (Emily) came in third with a 53, and Dork Face (That would be me. Ian made up our names) came in last with 61.

On our way back we stopped at a Dairy Queen for some ice cream

We sat and talked for awhile and when the Dairy Queen employees started counting the money we took the hint and left. It was a fun night with the four of us.

This morning half of the family took the kids to the aquarium. Zak and I went last time we were here and decided to stay back with the other half of the family for another relaxing day in the sun. At four this afternoon we are all going shopping in Beaufort, have a family picture taken, and eat at Claussen's Restaurant at 6:30. It should be another fun day.

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