Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Like I said in my post from this morning, today was all about the sun and we sure soaked it up today. We started at the ocean but the flies were so bad. Yes, I said flies! They were biting us constantly, which felt like tiny bee stings over and over again.

They weren't as bad at the pool and we all gathered there for the afternoon.

The kids loved it and baby Levi even got in on the action after his nap.

Levi didn't last long in the boat

He was happier with his Mom

Lucia and Asher have been by my side since we got here and they had fun with my sunglasses

Zak blew up the lobster for Asher

Even Levi got his own baby float

and I'll leave you with cutie patooty Levi having fun in the sun

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