Monday, February 07, 2011

Day Five: Love to Hate

I know I'm behind on my Joy of Love photo lessons but I'm catching up. Day five was about capturing what you Love to Hate about your loved ones. I chose Zak's model car collection. We have model cars all over our apartment. When we first moved in I designated a whole room for him to put them in and still they have crept out into other parts of our apartment. But I love him.

Now I had to be fair. When pointing out something I love to hate about Zak I had to give him a chance to tell me what he loves to hate about me. As much as he puts out model cars I put out flowers. For a guy, I guess this isn't his choice of decor. He doesn't say anything and I don't say anything about his cars.

Our camera lesson for the day was about selective focal points and metering. I put my camera on spot metering and practiced with my selective focal points. I also learned about toggling.

The bear on the left is in focus

The bear on the right is in focus

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