Monday, February 07, 2011

Puppy Sleepover with a Trip to the Emergency Vet

Friday evening we were dogsitting Ella, a boston Terrier. Not only is she Zak's Mom's dog but Maggie's BFF. We were excited and looking forward to having them two together. They played non stop for several hours. A couple of pit stops here and there but they were having fun. Even Zak got in on the fun.

About 11pm we were getting ready for bed. Zak ran the dogs out and I was making my lunch for work the next day. When they came back in Maggie started to have a seizure. She had never had one until then and we were scared. I ran and got dressed and we grabbed Ella and Maggie and headed for the emergency vet. By the time we got there Maggie had stopped seizuring but started having muscle tremors that were just as scary. The doctors told us that she may have eaten something like a dead animal that was toxic and it caused the seizure. Her blood work came back fine but they needed to keep her for 24 hours on an IV and had to give her muscle relaxers to stop the tremors. We left that night with just Ella and thus ended the sleepover. I called the vet first thing the next day and they said Maggie was doing better and would probably get to go home that night...which she did. She still seems fine now but we can't let her play or jump or climb stairs for 3 days. She is miserable that she can't see her buddy Ella until Wednesday.

Maggie's shaved leg from her IV

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Jennifer said...

poor maggie! Give her lovins for me :))