Friday, February 04, 2011

Day Three: Then and Now

Yesterday's photography lesson for The Joy of Love was all about Then & Now. The purpose of the picture was to showcase the changes in someone you love. That could be age lines, hair lines, weight gain or loss, etc. I chose to showcase our dog Maggie and how much she has changed since we first got her.

I first need to tell you that Maggie was living at the Humane Society when we adopted her. She was in a pin of 5 or 6 other dogs her size. She was so sweet and hyper and very skinny. You can see in the top two pictures in the collage her bones sticking out. That was then...Now Maggie is well fed, a little meaty, and still very hyper and sweet. The two bottom pictures showcase her plumpness.

Our camera tip for the day was all about cropping our pictures and eliminating distracting backgrounds.

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