Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Beth's 29th Birthday and New Years

For Beth's birthday, Paul took our whole family out to eat at Kobe's Restaurant. It was so entertaining going with a 4 year old. Maddie had a blast demanding fire from the chef and watching all the food cook. When we got home, we threw a party for Beth. We were all so full no one wanted cake but Beth liked all her presents she got. Maddie liked hers too. Zak and I stayed up til midnight to watch the ball drop back at our apartment and got to sleep in the next morning. We ate lunch with Zak's parents and met up with Beth and Paul in the afternoon to watch the new Harry Potter Movie. That evening we ate with my family and afterwards my Mom, Beth, and me made glass block nightlights. It was a lot of fun and they all turned out great. Mine is now sitting in our living room. It was a great end to 2010.

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