Monday, January 10, 2011

Rain Boots

Due to the weather, I have to share a picture of my new rain boots I bought the other day. I knew about all this snowy weather coming our way and I (shamefully) do not own a pair of rain boots. Don't ask me why. I can think of a million other things I would rather have than rain boots but they are needed and convenient in times like these. I wanted a cute pair but a cheaper pair seeing I was spending Christmas money buying them. (Notice how I'm sticking with my New Years Resolution to Save Money...Go me! *By the way, Christmas money is not saving money for anyone who doesn't know*) I found a really cute pair at Old Navy for $29.99. They weren't too flashy or boring. Perfect for me.

*My cute new rain boots. Notice my shirt too. I bought it at Old Navy on Sale for $8.50.*

*Upclose you can see all the flowers*

Speaking of New Years Resolutions I'm really sticking to them so far...well most of them. I've been writing every day (which if you're reading this blog you probably already know that). I've been reading everyday and we've been saving and not spending. I haven't started taking a vitamin everyday simply because I forgot to put them on our grocery list this week and do not yet own any vitamins to take BUT they are going on the grocery list for next week. I worked out today (won't say how long it has been since I did this other than today it was shorter than I wanted and I thought I would die afterwards), ate smaller meals, and did not eat ANY sugar! Sadly the language learning hasn't started. I still need to work on how I'm going to go about that. If anyone has any suggestions please I need them.
P.S. you should know I had to look back on my previous blog of New Years Resolutions to remember them all.

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