Monday, January 17, 2011

Maggie's Resume

I follow a lot of blogs and recently got some inspiration from a fellow blogger. She wrote up a resume for her new baby and all her talents. I thought "How cute. I'll do that when we have a baby", but by then I will have long forgotten it. So, as I look around my apartment for any volunteers I spot Maggie (of course). She was just dying for me to do this...

Maggie Kuhn

Objective: To keep humans entertained by my constant source of energy.

  • Burke County Humane Society, 2 months
  • Home of two humans, 2.5 years
  • Sit, on command
  • Shake, when treats are present
  • Roll Over, work in progress
Work History: Internship with two humans, Aug. 2008 - Present
  • Ability to bark at piercing noise levels when excited.
  • Can play for hours on end without succumbing to sleep.
  • Can trick humans into thinking age is younger than it is with my secret weapon, the puppy dog face.
  • Ability to produce a squeaky noise from toys until humans remove toy.
  • Can successfully identify the moment humans sit down and relax in order to request a bathroom break.

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