Friday, January 21, 2011

Low point

I hit my low point last night since I started this healthy eating binge.

I was craving something sweet and my Mom had made brownies for us on Wednesday and sent some home with us. I told myself I couldn't eat them everyday. Fyi: The brownie I had at my parent's house was the first sweet thing I had eaten. Since I had some Wednesday I couldn't eat them on Thursday. Plus, I had planned on having them around for my college roommate and her husband when they came to visit us this weekend. Well, I wanted these brownies Thursday and my stomach wasn't making it easy on me to resist.

It started out with me imagining cutting a small piece and eating it...just a small piece. Then I decided to go over and smell them...just smell them. Smelling turned into me lifting the lid. Then tasting them. When Zak started laughing, I realized he was standing in the hallway watching me...Watching me so carefully dip my finger in the icing (that was on the brownies..yeah so good!) and licking it off.

Yeah...Not my finest moment.

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