Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I'm reading

If you're looking for a good book to read...make that a series...you should definitely read the murder mysteries called Real Murders by Charlaine Harris. You might recognize her name from the Sookie Stackhouse novels that are now portrayed on the HBO show True Blood.

Real Murders is the first book in an eight book series. They were written way before Sookie Stackhouse and all of Charlaine Harris's fame (of sorts). My mom introduced them to me back in the Summer (I think) and I really enjoyed them.

They are murder mysteries that follow Aurora Teagarden as she encounters a murder she has to solve. I'm currently reading the eighth and last book in the series called Poppy done to death (Yes, the names are funny. Others include Dead Over Heels, Last Scene Alive, The Julius House...Oh wait that one wasn't as funny). They are fun and easy reads and they are helping me keep my New Years Resolution to read everyday. I want to read these and I look forward to opening it's pages everytime.

With all the snow on the ground here I can't think of anything better!

Well, I take that back...

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